During the rental period we require a deposit in the amount of $300-500 (depending on the price of the vehicle rented). The deposit is refunded to renter in full within 15 days once the vehicle is returned to us without any damage.



 The price of rental includes full coverage for the vehicle. In case of an accident the deposit collected from the renter is used to cover the deductible. 



WE are required by the state of Florida to collect sales tax on all rentals. in addition to the sales tax we are also qequired to collect tire and battery solid waste collection fee in the amount of $2.00 per day for the entire rental period.



Sunpass allowes drivers to pay tolls on paid roadways and bridges in the state of Florida without any delay. We can provide you with a sunpass to for the period of your rental at no cost. You will be required to leave an additional deposit of $50, which will be returned to you at the end of your rental with a deduction of the actual tolls charged during your rental period.